Social Media Help – Nov 2017


Social Media Help Nov 2017

How to create an ad for Facebook Page Likes.

Firstly you need to click on the drop down menu, then choose Create ad.

Next, choose engagements, then scroll down the page and choose page likes, the press continue.

Next, we have to name the ad set. Choose Face book page if you have more than one.
Then, to create New audience Scroll down the page.

Now, press create new, then pick locations, best to pick English speaking countries, then, scroll down the page to continue.

Next, pick, ages 18 to 52, Gender should be All, Languages should be English. Interest, pick your preferred interest, in this video we are picking, work from home, Mentor ship and entrepreneurship. Now scroll down the page.
You need to exclude pages who like your page and click on save the audience.
Now you are ready to set your budget. Set start and end date and press Continue. It will then ask you to confirm, check that all is OK, and you are all done!

Remember that your timeline, or any ad, can only have 20 per cent wording, as part of your picture. Wording can not take up more than 20 per cent of the total screen.